FileSystem: Unicode 8226 turned from bullet point into nonsense

We have a situation where the incoming XML contains a bullet point (ASC 8226, per VBA's AscW(() function).  However, when I write out the XML containing the bullet point using the FileSystem_WriteText action, the bullet point is transformed into nonsense (specifically,
•)  -- I think the carriage return is part of the nonsense, though I'm unsure.

Using AscW(), these three characters are identified as:

ASC 226

ASC 8364

ASC 162

Does anyone know why this behavior might be happening?  I am not super familiar with text encoding or why extended characters freak out like this sometimes.  More importantly, is there a way to stop this from happening?

I am specifically setting the encoding in the File_WriteText to "UTF-8", since another set of XMls comes through with special characters that cannot be handled without it.  Thanks much.

Hello ChrisV,

I did a small test writing and reading UTF-8 and that character in particular, and everything seems to work (I attached the test I performed).

Are you sure the incoming XML is correct when it reaches the platform?...

Best of luck,

Thank you for looking into that so deeply.  I found the issue this morning - the File_ReadText function also takes an encoding parameter, which was not set to UTF-8.  After setting the encoding on the ReadText, the issue has been corrected.