Will upgrading the infrastructure hardware improve the publishing espaces time?

Hey guys,

so we are having timing issues while publishing espaces. And that question that I have to you is exactly the Title.

In your experience, do you know if upgrading the hardware will improve compiling and deploying ? If yes, what should be upgraded in terms of hardware? Memory ? CPU ? Other? 

And in which servers? Deployment controller? Front-Ends? Database? I guess we don't need the front-ends servers to be upgraded for this issue.

FYI, our infrastructure logs don't show us any high usage on CPU nor Memory. Yet, we would still like to have our compilation times faster. 

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Nelson Freitas

Hi Nelson,

Have you taken a look at this article

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If the CPU and RAM isn't showing high usage, the problem is *likely* your disk speeds.

When I worked there, we saw significant differences in compile times based on if the storage was a "cloud" volume or on the same host as the VM itself, and if it was an SSD or platter drive. Even when using the "cloud" volumes with Rackspace, we could see huge differences in compile times based on what the other clients of the shared resource were doing... if we were on a "busy disk" our compile times were garbage, and there was no way to control it.

This was one of the many, many reasons I wanted to get the development infrastructure into hardware that was 1) dedicated to our use and 2) under our control, because a $500 investment in physical hard drives could have saved many hours of development time over the course of the week.


Thank you Miguel and Justin for your ideas.

I'll inform our infrastructure team, let them know these findings, and see what they have to say.

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Nelson Freitas