Support for Dockers and Kubernetes

Support for Dockers and Kubernetes


Does OutSystems support deployment on Dockers and Kubernetes? I saw a previous forum where the answer was NO (but that was from 2 years ago). I am hoping there has been a change since. 

Hello Prasuna.

It's not built into the product, if that's what you're asking.

Finally :) 

Questions for the engineering department: Can we use (envoy + Jaeger + Fluentd + OpenTracing) calico and linkerd with OutSystems? 

p.s are you guys coming to KubeCon/CloudNativeCon next month?

Edit: Can we expose metrics from OutSystems Applications with prometheus? :)

2 Edit: Can we deploy OutSystems with helm ? 


Hi Mario, 

I'm glad that you like the scope of OutSystems 2018 =)

O11 enables deployment to container platforms. In O11, OutSystems will generate and package the applications and required assets that will allow you to build the Windows containers images and deploy them using your own automation tools (to automate and streamline the deployment process) and orchestration/management tools for the deployment in the containerized system.

This approach allows you to use most, if not all, of the container-related tools of your choice. But we don't develop anything specific for a particular tool. In particular, we are not exposing metrics for Prometheus.

You can apply to the Early Access Program, in the page the EAP page. The EAP is a great opportunity to discuss further the current and future capabilities of OutSystems for containers.


Hi Tiago,

Thank you for your feedback!

I might ask someone to apply to EAP for me. I really want to see how can I use patterns like sidecar injection, ambassador or adapter with OutSystems :) 

By the way, this topic was a really hot topic is the last OutSystems meetup here in the Netherlands :)

On a side, a note is quite sad that GKE is not being mentioned in the documentation, since is 10x better that azure or aws k8s offer.


Hi Joao,

Good to know, however, deploying to Kubernetes is not like, "Hey use this deployment.yaml and service.yaml, and is done".

Almost every application I deployed to production in Kuberenetes were built using container patterns like Sidecar, Ambassador or Adapter (the 3 most used patterns), which introduces a lot of application and infrastructure complexity and of course tools/applications/services (istio,envoy,linkerd,calico,cilium,fluentd,flannel etc...)

It would be nice to have some examples of how OutSystems applications will work with containerized applications that need to use the most common container patterns.