Has anyone implemented any analytical applications where in they consume the stream of data from IBM Bluemix or some other IOT platform for their IoT assets? What kind of pre-buit components, apps and widgets does OutSystems provide?

I looked into the app-store and could find a whole lot. I will go back and check.

Hi Prasuna

Currently there is no native offer in the platform to consume data from those platforms, but it's easy to build them on your own, since IBM offers REST APIs for easy connection. You can read about Consuming REST APIs with OutSystems here.

Hi Prasuna,

Just crossed over this thread and was wondering if you had the chance to notice the new connectors in the Forge for IoT (published last year already, but after your post, so you may have missed them).

Namely the AWS IoT Connector, the Azure IoT Connector (demo app here) and the IBM Watson IoT connector should give you a quick head start into accessing or pushing data to these IoT platforms.

You might also like to take a look into this blog post from Rui Barbosa on "Building an IoT Mobile App with OutSystems". I'm sure there are other examples around, but this one is quite simple, while providing a good depth into a fully custom IoT scenario.