JavaScript Debugging

JavaScript Debugging


Hi, i try to follow this instruction to debug javascript:

Unfortunately, i cannot write a javascript code that throw an error.

My javascript in a button click:

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function tryMe(msg){
    alert("in tryMe");
    throw 600;
    return true;

and my debug handler is:

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function IBJSDebug(event, excp, error_code, origin){
    alert("ERROR CODE #" + error_code + "\n" + origin + 
    "Exception.\nName:" + +
    "\nMessage:" + excp.message);


When i click the button, the handler is not executed.

How to make a javascript code that is error so that can be caught by the handler? thank you.



Is there someone who try the handler? Tq

Hi Putu,

javascript is always case sensitive 

Correct function is "OsRegisterExceptionHandler" 

what you have is "osRegisterExceptionHandler"

"O" is the difference



Thank you Balu, 

I will try it later