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Published on 2018-08-09 by Duarte Santos
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Published on 2018-08-09 by Duarte Santos


In the description there is a notification that this component can take up quite some space in the DB (therefor it's also recommended to install in separte DB catalog), so got some questions about it:

1) How much space would one environment use?

2) Can this be 'configured' by some settings (amount of  'logging' then)?

3) Can this data be cleaned up and is this functionality in the component?

The reason I want to know these things is because we're on the OS PAAS environment and we're restricted to in DB size (can't even install in into a separte DB catalog )-; ), but exactly because we on the PAAS I want to know the information this component gives insight to.

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Hi Evert,

Infra monitor doesn't run on PaaS. It requires operating system configurations that you can't perform in the PaaS. You can find more details in the installation document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzcXzbW4N255WlYxREhONzVEN2M/view

In any case, let me answer your questions:

1) It would depend on the number of environments, typically it will be less than 5GB;

2) No. You can only increase the pooling sample (default is 30s);

3) Infra monitor already does housekeeping and cleans the database (aggregates old data).

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Ivo Gonçalves

Hello Ivo,

Thanks for the answers, to bad that this component wouldn't work in the PAAS environment (I would suggest to mention it in the component descriptions, since it's just the place where this component would be usefull). However I can't find this in the installation document. From the installation document I must conclude I wouldn't be able to do the server settings in the PAAS environment and therefor can't use this component (maybe set the adjustments needed in the server above the installation of the component so people first find out they can't do the server settings).

1) Thanks (in my opion this wouldn't be a lot)
2) Clear
3) Nice one!

Again thanks for the answers, makes it more clear.

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