click column chart to open an accordion item

i am using a column chart to show movies with label movie title and value the revenue of the  movie.

what i now want to implement is that when i click the movie column in the chart that i navigate to the accordion in the same page and open the accordion item with for the same movie to see detail information.

what do i add to the onclick event. wich javascript/jquery i can navigate the dom, but which id's do i use here?

the movie has an id, so how to get the id of the accordion item that shows the details of the same movie?

Hi Sven!
What version of OS are you using? P10 or P9 ?

Can you share any link in the app to see more closely what you want and the simplest way?


I have a similar challenge with a BAR CHART ... I need a way to "extend" the DataPoint structure and effectively "add" a custom attribute such as "ProductId" or "OpportunityId" etc ...

Then, when a bar is clicked, I need the "ProductId" for the clicked bar - BUT - that ProductId can't be placed in the DataPoint structure since all elements are already used (e.g. DataPoint: Label, Value, DataSeriesName, Tooltip, Color).

The UX that I want is when a given BAR is clicked, the user is taken to the detail for the given Product or Opportunity, etc ... It seems I need to somehow "extend" the DataPoint structure to include the additional data ... right?