Integration Studio Merge Templates Error

I am trying to create an extension in the Integration Studio, but I am having some issues getting it to build. I have all of my structures created, and I have added one action which I have not had the chance to implement yet.

When I click the 'Verify' button, stage 1 (Verifying) succeeds, but stage 2 (Updating Source Code) fails with 6 errors that all say "Merge Templates Error." The description for each error is the same except for the specific file name:

  • An error occurred while merging template with '<filepath>\Source\NET\Bin\OutSystems.HubEdition.DatabaseAbstractionLayer.dll': 'Access to the path '<filepath>\Source\NET\Bin\OutSystems.HubEdition.DatabaseAbstractionLayer.dll' is denied.'.

The files listed in the errors are as follows: 

  • OutSystems.HubEdition.DatabaseAbstractionLayer.dll
  • OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.dll
  • OutSystems.HubEdition.SMS.dll
  • OutSystems.REST.API.dll
  • OutSystems.RuntimeCommon.dll
  • OutSystems.SAP.API.dll

How do I get rid of these errors?


Hi Cody

Integration Studio might not have permission to write in the folder you saved the extension. Can you try saving the extension in a folder like Desktop and see if it works?

If it doesn't, can you tell me if there are spaces or special characters in the '<filepath>'?


Hi João,

Saving to the desktop worked. Once I publish to our server, will I still need to maintain the local copy? I would rather not leave it on the desktop if I can avoid it.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Cody

There's no need to keep the local copy, everything is stored in the server after publish. 

What happens is that Integration Studio compiles your C#/Java code before publishing. To do this, it creates a folder with the generated code next to location of the extension in your machine, and it needs to have permissions to write in that folder to add the code and binaries.