Offline Capability in Responsive Web Application

Offline Capability in Responsive Web Application


HI Team,

We have developed a Responsive Web application to one of our client. Now the client has come up new requirement as Phase 2 where they need Offline capabilities.


When the user hits the application URL in mobile with Safari/Chrome browsers a button called "Go Offline" should be displayed on the screen. By clicking on that button a database must be created in his mobile and the web page must be Cached. 

If the user hits the URL without Internet the Cached web page must be loaded and the data must be retrieved from the local mobile storage. The local DB might consume 250 MB in his mobile. 

Kindly let me know Is it possible to have such kind of web application with Offline capabilities and also do share me some reference links.

Thanks in advance,


hi, as I know the offline capabilities only exist in mobile application, not in web application. The browser (local process) is beyond the os control.