Warning if someone else has made changes to code


i make a change to an espace and deploy to dev

Another developer then makes another change to the same espace and also deploys to dev

Next time i open Service Studio i get the latest version automatically but i'm not notified that someone has made a change to the code


Is there a way to get notified when someone else makes changes to an espace. I understand that i can manually go and check in lifetime or service center but that's not feasible

Thank you

Hi Fabian,

Currently there is no notification when a module is open, as that is the normal scenario of cooperation in a team. Multiple developers contribute and merge the same modules and are only warned if they need to merge on a conflicting publish.

You can check uploads in service studio also. In the "Module" -> "Compare and Merge with Another Version" you can see a list of uploads and who did them.

João Rosado

Hi Joao

The problem is if someone makes a change to code that i'm not working on without me knowing and I don't have SS open. The next time I open SS and continue to work on my changes I am not aware that someone else made a change because SS just loads the latest version of the code. OutSysems should warn me during the Loading of the espace with a pop up that tells me that someone else has made a change.

It has happened that we have deployed code to production that wasn't all signed off yet because 2 developers were working on the same app but not on same forms and they were not aware of the other making changes. So there were no merging was required.

We put a new procedure in place where developers must check lifetime before they start working and make sure the versions are same in DEV, UAT, PRD before they touch the code. However it's not fool proof. So a warning in SS would be great.

We are also trying to avoid having 2 developers work on the same app but sometimes due to the duration it takes to get something signed off these things happen.

Should I submit this as an idea?

Hi Fabian,

Next the the modules name in the module list, it tells you when the latest version and who published it.


Thank you for the reply. However you won't know if that dev version is the  same as in UAT/PRD....so you need to check in lifetime and compare the DEV/UAT/PRD versions there. If the versions are same you can start working on it and be sure nobody else touched the code.

That development model doesn't actually scale well when the team grows. As a developer they should only need to worry about the DEV environment. Specially since in big projects is not feasible to make stagings with just a single change or work done by a single developer.

The current model assumes that teams will scale and members will need to cooperate into delivering value together.

That said, I do see the value in a lot of improvements in that area, for example giving a summary of changes to person doing a staging on what were the changes in all the published module versions and by who. That way the validation you wanted could be done and avoid getting undesired work into later stages..

I'll pass this topic to the team responsible to this area of the product, so they consider your feedback into future improvements.

João Rosado