Wrong Login Screen Displayed

We are experiencing an unexpected behavior out of our applications.  The short summary of the issue is that we are presented with the login screen from the Users eSpace rather than the Common/Login screen from our applications.  

We are using OS 10, on-premises, .NET & Oracle.

The desired configuration is to use Windows Integrated Authentication so that, ideally, no login screen is presented to our users.   

Here are the steps to reproduce the problem we are seeing:

We are using the Users eSpace for authentication and it is configured to use Active Directory and the “Windows Integrated Authentication” checkbox is ticked.

  • Create a new application with from a Vanilla template.  Make no changes. 
  • 1-click deploy the application.
  • Open in Browser from Service Studio.

I’m already logged in and can see my name in the upper right corner.

  • Click the log out button in upper right corner. 

Everything is working as expected to this point.  I'm are presented with the “Common/Login” screen from my application.  We like the idea of allowing users to sign out and sign in as a different user, if possible.

  • Close browser. 
  • Open In Browser from Service Studio.

This is where the unexpected behavior begins.  I'm presented with a Login Screen from the Users eSpace rather than the Login Screen from the application.  Since we are using integrated authentication, we expect one of two things to happen.  Either we're automatically authenticated or we're presented with the login screen from our application.  Either result would be fine.  Being presented with the login screen from the Users eSpace, however, is confusing.  We tried playing the “Integrated Authentication” option on the Main UI flow but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any help you can provide would be great.. Thank you!



It might be related to your Error handling.

Open the Common Web Flow (it's there by default), and see if the Internal Error page is redirecting to the default Login page. If ou have a customized Login page, you have to change it there.


Thanks so much.  That helped me find the problem.  In the default "Common\NoPermission" page there is a call to "User_GetUnifiedLoginUrl"  The result of this call is the URL of the Login page from the Users application.  If the cal returns a URL, the user is redirected there.  If not, the user is redirected to the Common\Login page.  I just delete the IF and the redirect to the Users Login page and the problem is solved.  It redirects to the correct Login page every time.  All that said, I don't understand why its coded that way in the template.  Its definitely creates a confusing user experience.

Thanks again for your help.