[Warmup] Installing / Publishing warmup fails because incorrect SQL

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Published on 18 Mar by Wei Zhu
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Published on 18 Mar by Wei Zhu

When trying to install the application it fails on module warmup.

When inspecting that module it seems that there are two advanced queries that call the [OSSYS_ESPACE_SCREEN] table directly. That fails with the error "Invalid SQL
OSSYS_ is a reserved prefix in GetScreen."

How did you make this work?

Unfortunately, it seems we can not access the systems table (ossys_xxx) any more.

So the best way is to create view on those tables and use view instead of table.

Hello Wei Zhu,

I've used a different trick to go around that check and without adjusting the SQL database (because in some environments like ours or cloud, you don't have database access).

Please check my adjustments in the query and give me some feedback/thoughts.