REST calls from mobile apps are routed though the Outsystems server. Is there a recommended practice to invoke a REST endpoint directly without going through the server?

Hi Manuel

The best way to do it is to consume the API using the JavaScript node and then using the JSON Deserialize node to convert the input to OutSystems structures

Hi Manuel,

Joao's answer is technically correct, but you should also take into account what you are giving up when you follow this JavaScript approach: 

* app maintenance in visual a model;

* logging of API calls;

* performance monitoring via Lifetime Analytics.

If you are using a Personal Edition, then your OutSystems server is in the US. In that case, if your users are very remote from the US, the latency may impact end-user experience. But if you have plans to evolve to a paid OutSystems subscription, you would be free to deploy locally and latency problems could disappear.