[HeaderFixed]  Error: '$table' is undefined in IE Fixed header

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Published on 2015-07-30 by Bruno Henriques
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Published on 2015-07-30 by Bruno Henriques

Hi All ,

I have on concern that this extension is not  working in IE and giving error 

An exception occurred in the client script.
 Error: '$table' is undefined 

if i change the js name as $table  it not give error but header fixed does't work in this case .


pankaj pant

You can try to update the component core to the latest version, maybe that fixes the problem, take a look at:

http://mkoryak.github.io/floatThead and https://jogait.outsystemscloud.com/FloatThead_Sample

Hey Jogait thanks for the suggestion .

I found a solution for that issue follow are the steps which I had done:

1)  I replaced floatthead jQuery from the latest version.

2) Removed the function from Initialization of TableHeader Script

getSizingRow: function("+JSName+")
                                        return $table.find('"+getSizingRow+"');