Rollback an application to a previous version – then what?


I have a question regarding the process of rollback an application to its previous version, as described in document  , in chapter “Create a Tag based on a previous function”.

When you perform this action, the Production environment is again working (version 0.2.1). So for a while the end-users can work, but without the new functionalities that were in version 0.3.

Probably the Development environment is already working on 0.4.

What to do after rollback the Production environment?

Is it just simple to fix the problem in Development version 0.4 and deploy 0.4  to QA and Production? This is possible off course,  but then the users have to wait until version 0.4 arrives in Production.

I can imagine that this is an acceptable situation since the bug is complex (otherwise we could use the hotfix functionality in Lifetime). But I just want to be sure that there is no other way of delivering the fix earlier.  

if it's a blocking production bug, why not simply fix it in the QA directly. test it, and push it towards production.

Then merge the fix with dev?

Yes, that will look like the hotfix solution. 

Are there any limitations on merging a fix to a lower environment? I can imagine e.g. when DB changes or data changes are involved in the solution, lifetime will have a hard time merging.

Hi all!

I was taking a look at this subject of "Rollback an application to a previous version", also by reading the documentation topic for current version P10:

First, some notes:

Note #1) When removing modules from an application, some versions of the application which contained the removed module will not be available anymore to be deployed to the next environment. This is a special situation and not very common but it might happen so we should take some caution with it.

Note #2) I was not aware but it's possible to deploy versions from a "next" environment in the sequence flow, for example "Testing", to a "previous" environment in the sequence flow, for example "Development". To do so, in LifeTime / Applications, click on the down arrow next to the name of the "next" environment, for example "Testing", and select the option "Deploy from Testing...". (Using LifeTime version 10.0.603.0)

Now for my question:

On a Personal Environment (which has LifeTime (with limited functionality) and with only on environment configured, the "Development" environment) is it possible to rollback to a previous version of an application? Because there are no deployments to be made... If it existed more than one environment, using the functionality that I mentioned in Note #2 this could be possible by redeploying a previous version from the "Testing" environment to the "Development" environment...

The scenario is: You do developments on an application, tagging several versions during this period, but at some point you just (easily) want to revert your work to a previous version. Is this possible through LifeTime in a Personal Environment? Or the only solutions are 1) Use Solutions and Service Center, or 2) For each eSpace manually go find the version that you want to revert to and publish that version?


Tiago Bernardo