Hi there,

 I tried to use IE11 browser setting to block the pop-up& new window page on on-premise environment but it's not work. 

I tried it on the same Javascript, PC, Web browser on Personal Environment and it worked fine.

My code is just a normal code as following;

<p>Open Window <input type ="button" id="btnDirect" value="Direct" /> </p>






My Pop-up setting is in High-level.

So I want to know how to make a web browser pop-up block on on-premise environment works just like it work on personal environment.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Chaiwat,

Is your on premise server in your intranet? The browser rules will probably treat those differently. 

That said,  the personal environments have some extra headers by defauly in the responses regarding P3P configurations ... not sure if those would have any relation to the popup blockers.

By the way why do you want to block something that is from your application?  Usually we have problems doing the reverse (needing a popup and making sure it is not blocked)


João Rosado