Help with repetitive loops "Detected a recursive iteration over the same list."


I'm trying to do a repetitive lops where my logic is simply looking through a list to see if a particular field is all the same status. I've done this by just looping through the same list over and over and asking IF(Status=Status A,true, false), however I'm getting the error: "Detected a recursive iteration over the same list." Howe do I get around this? How do i just keep looping through the same list? 

Image of logic attached. 


If I understand correctly what you're trying to do, the addition For Each loops are unnecessary (I'm assuming you're looping over the same list 3 times).  There should only be a need to loop through the list one time, and all the logic should be tested on a single list item during each iteration.

Basically, if you loop through a list within a loop of the same list, there is no way of referencing the correct current value of that list.  If you must loop through a list multiple times, you should create your own counter variable, then increment and test that counter value (if counter > length of list) each time through, and have a distinct counter variable for each loop.


Yep, the counter done the trick, thanks for your help! Just couldn't think of it myself (still learning)