Create a line chart inside a column chart

Create a line chart inside a column chart



I already have an aggregate with my data in order to create a column chart. It´works normally but i would like to create a line data inside this column chart. I already saw This Post but I couldn't do it. Anyone has any working example about this ?


Hi João,

What exactly couldn't you do? Whether chart data is displayed as a column or a line depends on the chart and series type. You can change that by setting the series' type to 'line' by using the chart's AdvancedFormat parameter. Assign to this parameter the output of AdvancedFormat_Init, which has, as second parameter DataSeriesFormats, a list of AdvancedDataSeriesFormat records. The DataSeriesName should be set to the name of the series (the one you also use in the DataPoint structure), DataSeriesJSON attribute can be used to set the series-specific JSON (in this case "type: 'line'").

If you have any further questions please let us know.