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Published on 2014-07-15 by Francisco Menezes
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Published on 2014-07-15 by Francisco Menezes

First of all, congratulations on this component. It makes life easier to many developers facing performance issues that I frequently recommend it.

However, a recent episode took me here asking the following: is there an alternative to make the lazy loading performing asynchronously? One of the projects I'm assisting has quite a long screen with a lengthy section of web blocks loading in a lazily fashion. The problem is that a few of those web blocks take too long to load, due to their internal logic (web service integrations), impacting the subsequent ones to load, too.

Fortunately, the Specific Sequence example already provides an alternative to the above issue (we'll just leave the slowest web block to load at the end). But since this question still pops now and then, I'd love to know about other alternatives.


I know this thread is old but I am facing the same issue as in comment above from Pedro. I want multiple web blocks in a screen to load asynchronously (non lazy load). And I cannot change the sequence of those web blocks as well. Web blocks executions have to be independent of each other and should display data whenever any one is ready.