Detect Location Settings state on mobile


how can I detect location settings state on my mobile phone ?


Hi Tobit,

What do you mean by "location settings state"?

Have you checked the Location plugin

Hi Joao,

i mean the gps setting. I want to detect if gps setting is on / off.

I've tried location plugin. I install to my device through generated APK, I tried to disable my GPS, then I call the checklocationplugin action, but it returns available, so I assume it only to check if the plugin installed to my device, not about the gps setting on the phone.

Hi Joao,

it didn't worked though the plugin is available.

it always recognized as gps is enabled.

tBt if your problem is not yet solved, but if not, try using GetLocation.Success.

Hi Pranam,

You just replied to a topic that's two years old! In general, please don't do that, thanks.