how to validate .com in email

hi friends,

                emailaddressvaliate() is validating only @ to validate .com domain in outystems

Hi Karthik,

What do you want to evaluate? if the email has the ".com" or if the email exists?


António Pereira

You can use regex. And search some regex email validations on the internet.

Also, the email validate functions validates a lot more than the @. But acording to the email addresses spec the .com is not a mandatory part (even though it is not recommended to use email like those outside intranets) so it accepts that to comply with the specification.

Theres more topics regarding this, but like Niels said if you want different validation rules you should create your own validation function using regexs. Careful that many regex that you find online many not be complete enough or be too slow due to their complexity.


João Rosado