I have two tables I want to display both table records on one table or nested kind of nature.

e.g I have school list table and for each school I have 4-5-6 departments I want to display list of school with all departments and for each department should have radio button to identify which department gets selected of each school.

Kindly share me valuable posts.

Hi Pradip,

Please find the steps below:

1. Use the table record widget as parent for your school records.

2. Inside your table record widget you can have 1 column for department in which you can use list widget or

you can place 1 web block in which you can pass the school id and basis of that you can fetch the department info and use list widget inside the web block and use radio button/checkbox, add action to them for showing/selecting the selected department.

Hope this will help.


Manish Jawla

In v10 it does not appear that you can place a list widget of any kind inside a table.