using forge components


I want to use a Forge component in my (Personal Env) application (v10).

seems not give quite right info. When I click on the "Create Application..." a messagbox appears with the question if I want to open Service Studio??. So I never see the "Install Application" butto/link nor can I choose a Forge component.

What is the right way to do this?

Regards, Harry

You should see the "install application" once you open service studio.

Download the component.

Open Service Studio.

Go to open file and install the application.

Tim, alas, I did not see that at all.

Suraj, that worked. I also saw that in the 'manage dependencies' windows there was an option to search in the forge. Should be nice to find that in the documentation:) 

After installing the application (oml) using the component I'm looking for opens, but how do I use this component in my own project? I was expecting to download a component that I could see in the Dependencies, but that seems not to be the case. Component is Calendar Date Picker in case you're wondering.


Anyone any idea? Installing a Forge project, how to use the component within in my own applications?

Hi Harry,

Check this article in the documentation -

I hope it helps.