Dataspace area for each User

Hi Community, 

idk how to descripe my Question the best way. Iam actually getting myself a overview of the Outformsplatform and passing through the Learning Courses. 

So far, i understand that Outsystems has its Metadata and Applicationdata. But we whant for our Clients that every User has its own Space for Notes, Calculations, Images and so on. Therefore all Users working with the same Application, but should not see Data from other Users.

I know there are UserRoles and Roles for Restrictions in many different forms. But how do I realize it the best way already at the Beginning of Creation. 

I appreciate every little Hint or someone has a Tutorial for it. 

Best Wishes


Hi Andi,

On the entities you want private to each user, add a User Identifier attribute that saves the user id the record belongs to.

From there filter your aggregates/queries on the Entity.UserId = GetUserId().

Let me know if you have any trouble,