Search filter using checkboxes

Hello! I'm a beginner in using Outsystems platform. As I was browsing the sample apps, I saw a similar one to the mobile application I was developing. It was a directory app with search filters using checkboxes. I was wondering how I could achieve the same result in my app. I'm aiming to refresh my recipe list when multiple checkboxes are clicked. Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much!


Hi Angella,

If you're developing a mobile directory app I recommend that you check out this one: The one you saw is optimised for web rather than mobile.

To refresh the screen (in mobile apps) you can create an On Change event handler (action) on your checkboxes. That action should contain a Refresh Data node to refresh the aggregate that feeds your recipe list (all the widgets that depend on that aggregate should be refreshed automatically afterwards).


If anybody could attach a sample .oml (even with a single checkbox in it), it would be really helpful.