Why does my personal environment keep going to sleep?

It's my understanding that personal environments go to sleep because they are not being used, but I have a personal environment that is used every day.  I have data to prove this, yet Outsystems keeps putting it to sleep every few weeks.  What do I need to do to keep it awake?

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If you don't publish anything on your personal environment (I think it's 20 days), outsystems will push your personal environment to sleep. If you are just using app developed on it, OS considers that it's not used for development.

I thought it was enough to just login in to your personal space to keep it awake. Do you really have to publish a new 'release' ?

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Hi Kristof,

Yes, you do. The reason behind this is that it's a developer environment. If you don't develop, it's considered not used. It's explicitly not meant as a user environment.

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Hi guys,

In fact, these is the rules to keep your env online:

Logs into platform via Service Center or Service Studio+5 days
Wakes up environment+10 days
Publishes an app/module+10 days
End User(s) 7+ times in a week+10 days

Web Service does not counts to keep env alive.


Fabio Fantato

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Hi Fábio,

Thanks for the info. Do you have a link to that info?

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Hi guys,

I suddenly have come to think of it, what about if all the pages are set to be anonymous wherein it is just a for display web app and no logins required, what will happen to that environment? 

In my initial thought, it will not be sufficient therefore the environment would still sleep, right?