My list_navigator is not navigating to another page, although I have done the following:

  1. set listwidgetID to: tablerecords.ID
  2. Linecount to: tablerecords.linecount
  3. Totalrowcount to: gettablerecords.rowcount
  4. adding new screen event for OnNotify: refreshing the query that was bound to the table and refresh with ajax the table that was used for the list_navigator.

So, my list_navigator shows on the page beneath the table showing the first page with 10 records, but then pressing the "2"-link it won't navigate to the second page, it remains on the first 10 records.

Did I forget something?


You have to set the startIndex of the tablerecords as well:


List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(KaaTable.Id, True)

Many thanks, that helped indeed.

but not completely: pressing the "2" does navigate me to page nr 2 thanks to your suggestion, but now it stays there even when I press the "previous button" or the "1".