[Webinar] Leave Nothing to Chance - Mobile App Load Testing and Orchestration

Your app has been running smoothly, and because of a little help from your friends here, you knew you could just set it once and forget it.

And then, bam! The requirements and user flows changed, and now you have some modifications to introduce into your application. Of course, you want to test them to make sure they can handle the load.

So, you need to make updates to your load testing scripts. And, if they’re successful, you want to automate them, and you want to orchestrate them as part of a workflow or pipeline. It’s just that lately you’ve been flooded with the ocean of jargon that swirls around this notion and you’re not really sure where and how to start.

Join us for “Smooth Integrator: Max Automation Joy with Lifetime, JMeter and Jenkins,” on Thursday, May 11, and we’ll pull you from the deep water and get you on your way.

In this webinar, Platform Operations Experts Paulo Costa and Rui Mendes will explain:

  • How to quickly maintain your previously set load testing scripts.

  • What automation and orchestration mean in an OutSystems context — without all those extra steps between builds and deployment.

  • How to smoothly integrate performance testing using JMeter, Jenkins, and our very own Application Lifecycle Management tool — OutSystems Lifetime and its public Deployment API.

Set your calendars for Thursday, 11 May 2017, at 2 PM (GMT+1)/9 AM (EDT)/9 PM (SGT) and plan to be amazed by how you can smoothly minimize waste and maximize automation joy in an OutSystems continuous integration practice.

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