we can able create static entities in outsystems environment.

if we go for external database, how to create static entities?

Normally we will create a master table to have all static values. do we need to use the same concept. or 

do we have any concept in outsystems for this?


Hi Sekar,

I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve. A Static Entity is, on a database level, just like any other table. What kind of "external database" do you envision? You mean you have an external database and access that via an extension?

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the reply

I tried to use my (external) SQL server database for the application. If we use static entities we can directly use in expression. 

Here is my Question.

Is it possible to have static entities if we use external database?


Hi Sekar,

I see what you mean. No, I don't think you can pull that off. Static Entities are "special" in that the compiler knows the value of the key compile-time, so you don't need a database access to retrieve it.

I think the only way to use that feature is to duplicate the static entities: one in the external database so it can be used in that database as foreign key etc., and one in the OS database that has identical key values so that you can use them in expressions etc. We often use the latter approach for external REST-services that have enumerations etc., which is a bit similar.


Hi Kilian,

Got it thanks. One more doubt. If i use external database how the performance will be?

Please share if you have any documents related to performance when we use external database


Hi Sekar,

I've not used external databases myself, but I think that in general there shouldn't be any large performance penalties.