I'm working on a project with several modules across several applications.

The thing is, everytime I want to deploy the application to the quality environment, I try to publish the solution with all the components before, but most of the times I get the "Some eSpace modules have outdated references that are incompatible." warning.

However, I have no idea which one has the incompatible references across the entire list of components, and that will prevent me from publishing the solution properly. Is there any way of knowing which component(s) have the incompatible references without opening them one by one?

Thanks in advace

(Also, I get that the forum search orders results by relevance, but it would be very useful sometimes to have a 'order by date' option...)

Hi Maria,

I'm assuming that you are publishing the solution via Service Center, and not via LifeTime? If so, did you check the solution's Dependencies tab? It should show which modules have a problem.

I am publishing the solution via Service Center, I believe the feature is not even available in LifeTime.

I am including the lower dependencies in the solution components list because we often need to update services there as well (the application is quite recent, although already very complex).

Therefore, nothing appears in the Dependecies tab, and in the Components tab I am not able to understand which espaces have Outdated references and which ones have Incompatible references, I just have that standard warning...

Hi Maria,

In the Componants tab, there's a warning exclamation mark in front of eSpaces that have a (possible) depenency problem, e.g.:

With a mouse-over you can check the problem.

Hi Kilian.

I am aware of that. But that warning is exactly the same for modules with incompatible references or just outdated, and I would like to be able to distinguish those two situations.


Hi Maria,

That's not true in my experience. I just created a solution with a deliberate incompatible reference, and it gives a different warning than the one above (it's just unfortunate that it doesn't use a different icon):



You are right! Apparently my aim is terrible and I always looked for the ones that said 'outdated' (the component list is quite long, as I've stated before).

And I totally agree, the icons should be different. 

Thanks a lot!

You're most welcome :).