[Geofence Plugin] Is it possible the Geofence plugin is broken?

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Published on 2017-05-18 by Experts
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Published on 2017-05-18 by Experts


I have used this plugin with success, bit since a week ago my app generation for iOS fails.

"Error: An unexpected error has occurred while generating your application. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact OutSystems Support."

When I exclude the Geofence plugin , app generation works again.

Is it possible the Geofence plugin is broken?



Hello, I have the same problem.

The problems seems to occur only  if other plugins added to the app have different swift version. In our case we have a plugin with Swift 3.0 but the Geofence is Swift 2.3. 

Hi to all,

The problem has been solved?

My plugins:

In github comment that we add the following configuration line to the plugin:

<preference name="UseLegacySwiftLanguageVersion" value="true" />

 but where should we add it? How is it solved?

Thank you very much