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AppData\Local\Temp\TEMPFYCCNEHDJK00000000000000000000000000000000.pdf'. SetProcessDpiAwareness failed: "COM error 0x80070005 (Unknown error 0x0ffffffff80070005)" Error: Failed loading page


 (sometimes it will work just to ignore this error with --load-error-handling ignore) Exit with code 1, due to unknown error.

Hi shanmuk sandeep, Would you be specific?

Paulo Ricardo Fagundes wrote:

Hi shanmuk sandeep, Would you be specific?

Hi Ricardo,

 I have a screen with charts and some tabular data. I want to download the enitre screen as PDF for which i  am using HTML to PDF. I uploaded all the necessary binary files.

When i am downloading i am getting errors like could not able to find the path such errors?

Can you specify what are the exact parameters need to passed to GetPDF action

I used URL as GetBookmarkable()  proxy as "" '

If there is any another approach can you say that please(poosibly a sample OML)