[Table Column Reorder] DragTable.js in combination with IconDropdown or BulkSelect
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Forge component by Justin Babel

Hi guys,

Very nice initiative and works great in most pages!

Some room for improvement:

In the attachment you see an example of the DragTable component on a page where I also put:

- bulk select / checkbox

- IconDropdown 

Both don't seem to work when they are combined with the DragTable-component.

Best regards,

Stefan Dirkx


Hi Stefan,

I will take a look at this later today and send you an update.

Thanks for the feedback,


Hi Stefan,

This seems to be a conflict I've seen with the Silk framework and the platform itself.

When using the action, 'AddJavascriptTag' (In any context, not just from this components libraries) while using Silk components, it causes javascript errors. 

I will release another version tonight, moving the scripts to the web block, instead of using the built-in function.



Hi Justin,

Thank you for the quick reply, I'm looking forward to the new release.

Best Regards,

Stefan Dirkx

Hi Justin, any news on this one? Thanks!

This conflict should no longer exist with the latest version release.

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