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I could not find any Google+ integration for OAuth which is maintained by OutSystems. This component is the closest, but it lacks some very basic functionality, namely how to retrieve the user profile information (name, email, and maybe other attributes).

Other OAuth providers like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all have their own official connector, and support at least retrieving the user's name.

There's already the GPlusConnectorPackage component which provides that, but it has no official support. Worse than that, we cannot install Google Drive Connector alongside GPlusConnectorPackage, because they share the same key.

That's why I propose that they could be merged together into a single component.

I tested how to merge them together, and it seemed very easy. It's a matter of cherrypicking the Plus REST service, the Profile user actions folder, and Activity user actions folder. If you guys have interest, I can merge them and send you the final module.

Hi Leonardo,

Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for this late reply. We agree with your vision, it makes sense to have a supported and streamlined solution for Google OAuth that doesn't involve installing the Drive connector.

Things changed a bit since your post - there's a few new components for Google OAuth posted by community members - and there's also a non-supported OS solution (Google Core) - this was built with the Google Login Plugin (mobile) in mind but could serve as an authentication provider for other purposes.

We are considering the possibility of changing the Google Drive component to use Google Core, and promoting Google Core as the common, OS supported Google OAuth provider.

At this point we haven't yet decided on whether this is our best option, or a timeline, but we will have some news soon.




That sounds great, Daniel. I'll have a look in the Google Core component.


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