Bug with server actions "User_Create" and "User_update" with Tenant


The server action "User_Create" of default "User space" are creating the user with incorrect TenantId,

Even with the tenant id sent in the User record , the user is created in the default Tenant "Users"

My Users entity have the TenantId seted to yes

It´s a plataform bug?

Thank you !

Hi Louis,

Which Service Studio and Platform Server version are you using?


António Pereira

First of all you have to create a espace with identity provider set to true, when you change this later it doesn't work just quite right. Then use your own create user to create the users, so from your own espace. Then it should work. 

António Pereira Im using the Last version 10.4x

Wim van den Brink, maybe you can help me. I have 3 espace, one is a mobile app (AEQBOT), the second is an admin painel (AEQAI) and third is other admin painel(AEQADMIN).

All spaces have Mult-tenant set to "no", but i used Mult-tenant direct into entity, by showing TenantId field. Including in "system>User" entity

I created a tenant called AEQBOT linked to ESPACE ID AEQBOT

All of these Spaces share same database into a module inside AEQAI space.

In AEQAI I have a webscreen to create many MultiTenant and there i wanna create users linked to each Tenant, but i had the problem of this post.

I need set AEQAI espace "Is User provider" to Yes?

It´s no clear to me how MultiTenant work, i though we just have one User table for all Tenants.

Thank you for helping! 

Louis, try call function SwitchTenant before create the user and take a look at the UserMT Entity.


Huarlem Lima wrote:

Louis, try call function SwitchTenant before create the user.


1) Active the UserMT entity

2) SwitchTenant before create the user

3) Create UserMT table because <yourcloud>.outsystemscloud/users just show defaults tenant users