Does any knows a extension that can can generate Salted MD5 Hash 512 password?

Hi all,

does any one knows if already exist an extension that can generate a Salted MD5 Hash 512 password? 

I already searched on the forge but everything that I find doesn't generate a salted password.

Thanks in advance.


Have you taken a look at PlatformPasswordUtils extension (it comes with the platform)?

Not sure what you mean by "MD5 hash 512".

There are multiple hashing algorithms in particular: MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512.

The PlatformPasswordUtils ( ) as mentioned by Jogait provides methods for both MD5 and SHA512. 

Note that MD5 is already vulnerable to cryptographic attacks and should NOT be used for new developments. It is only provided for compatibility purposes while upgrading to the new one.

Also, as alternative to the PlatformPasswordUtils, the CryptoAPI extension also provides methods for hashing and validating passwords. It allows specifying the desired algorithm and produces a more "standard" output than the Platform one (that is specifically made to be used for the User entity password attribute).


João Rosado

Hi Jogait and Joao,

thank you for your answers.

Sorry for the confusion, what I mean it was to generate a salted SHA512 password.

I can't use "PlatformPasswordUtils" for the reason that you Joao explained, I check the CryptoAPI but from my tests (even if I pass the "SHA512" algorithm) I always get a hashed password started by $5$, and if i'm not wrong that's SHA256. 

Am I missing some methods on CryptoAPI that can do what I want?

Thank you for your help.