Prevent Serial Number Changing


My server is running on VM and my serial number changed which resulted my license to invalid on the server. I have requested and regenerated the new license for my server.

Can I check how can I prevent my serial number from changing?

And what is the impact when my license becomes invalid on the server?


Amoz Tan

check the documenttation, but afaik it's due to changing mac-addresses.

so set those to fixed and you are ok.

J. wrote:

check the documenttation, but afaik it's due to changing mac-addresses.

so set those to fixed and you are ok.


My license turns invalid again after my vm restarted. We already changed it to static mac address. Our mac address didn't change after the restart.

After restart

Before restart

I am having the same problem with my VM machines.  I confirmed the MAC addresses do not change after reboot.  However, the license still gets invalid after reboot.

Any resolution on this?

Hi we are having  the slimier issue ..any solution please?


Rajendra Singh

Hi all,

i am also having the same problem with my outsystems environment. MAC address didn't changed after restart

Any solution for this?

The same goes for here. Any solution for this?



An environment's Serial Number is automatically generated by the OutSystems Platform based on the hardware of the server with the Deployment Controller role for that environment.

What can cause it to change? 

-  Restarting the deployment controller server hosted on a Virtual Machine
-  Changing the physical network devices of that server, changes the environment serial number, making your license invalid.  
- Promoting a front-end server to deployment controller can also make your license invalid

When this happens you will see a License Error.

So in case you are using a VM, you need to make sure  MAC address is fixed.

Check more details here Changed the hardware and the license stopped being valid.


I have the same issue and I can confirm the MAC Address is fixed. 


I also get the problem. We are using Hyper-V, we already fixed MAC Address (Physical Address), we just restarted the server, and we see that the Serial Number (Platform Server - Administration - Licensing) had changed, while the MAC Address is not.

Before restarting:

After restart:

Seeing this as well. MAC address is fixed and serial number changes on each restart of the VM. This needs to be addressed and resolved.

For me this was corrected on the latest version of the platform

For me this occurs on one server (DEV / single server / no farm configuration).

No mac address change but it still shifts serial number.

Platform version 10.0.1005.2.

We are planning to upgrade to 11, so we don't do any minor updates anymore.

Please let us know if you can find something else why this behaviour occurs.

There are two approaches you can follow to prevent the Serial Number changes:

  1. Disable the services Remote Access Connection Manager and Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol Service.

  2. Disable WAN Miniport adapters in Windows Device Manager. Make sure that no other applications are using WAN Miniports before doing this.

  • Open the Start Menu and type Device Manager.

  • If you don't see the WAN Miniport adapters there, toggle the visibility of hidden devices

Hello Peter,

Stacey is correct, the issue is already fixed on the latest platform version. You can list all network devices using the following PowerShell script:

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration | Format-List -Property Description,MACAddress,IPEnabled