OutSystems Cloud using Docker containers


I noticed that Mendix recently released a Cloud Foundry-based solution using Docker containers.


I can imagine this is also something that could be done for the OutSystems platform.

Any ideas on this?



Hi Simon,

Yes, this is a trend that is picking some interest in the market and an active subject of investigation at OutSystems. We are eager to share experiences with customers, to understand the best fit between OutSystems and containers technology.

Feel free to send me a Direct Message to schedule a further discussion.



Hi Joao

I'm willing to port one Outsystems application to docker and kubernetes,  but I heard that there's no support to run containers for now. Are you able to discuss about it?

Hi Giancarlo,

I'm sorry for repeating myself: this an active area of research at OutSystems and we are looking to share experiences and use cases. 

Our end goal is to enable the relevant use cases, bringing real productivity and business benefits. "Being able to run on Docker" is only part of the story.

So, yes, I'm certainly interested in your experience and point of view. Please DM to schedule a further discussion.




If you happen to trip on this old discussion...

OutSystems support for Docker and Cloud Foundry is described in the OutSystems 2018 EAP page: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/OutSystems_Support/OutSystems_2018_EAP#section_7.

Happy container-ing! :-)


Hi Joao,

I tried to search on documentation page about the installation OutSystem version 11 with docker but could not find the step to bring up OS11 with docker, could you pls help paste me the link?