Dynamics 365 for Operation


Trying to connect to a Azure instance of Dynamics 365 for Operation.

Have anyone done some integration like this?



Hi Andre,

Since nobody answered, I guess nobody has :). That said, is there anything you specifically have problems with?

Hehe, yeah most likely not.

To be honest , I'm not sure where to begin... 

What I do know.

The data is being exposed with ODATA. (I cant seem to find the correct endpoint to consume)

Authentication will need to happen with OAuth2 (Microsoft Account). Not sure how I will get authentication to allow the communication.

I'm missing something somewhere :-)


I assume you have read the documentation?



Got this blog... https://kurthatlevik.wordpress.com/2016/03/08/ax-7-rtw-my-odata-and-json-journey-part-i/

Moved a bit forward.

Now The authentication seems to be the problem when consuming the Web service. I can access the data from the web browser. (Logging in with my MS account) When I try to consume the web service in Outsystems I get Unauthorized. How would I do the authorization to Microsoft when consuming the web service

Hi Andre,

Unfortunately, I can't help you there. I guess it's a matter of reading the documentation, like this, and try to implement it in OutSystems. But it's all very C# oriented for some reason...