You have no permissions to publish this project

I tried to publish my application on the Forge and encountered the error: "You have no permissions to publish this project".  On the same screen, I also see a line that says: "Upload dependencies".

I then did the following:

1) Downloaded new versions of my dependencies: Lisbon template and Silk UI Web

2) Replaced them under Applications in ServiceCenter (delete and publish)

3) Refreshed my dependencies in my application in ServiceStudio and republished my application

4) Downloaded my application's .oap file from ServiceCenter

5) Published it in the Forge and got the same error again: "You have no permissions to publish this project"

How can I fix this error?  Thanks in advance.

Hi Ryan,

Did you download the .oap file including the dependencies?

Can you try to download only the .oml file?

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga