Multi authentication provider, is it possible in Outsystems?

Hi, I have a use case from banking client who want to:

- use SSO & Active Directory to authenticate internal employees

- use Outsystems own internal self-signing up for public users and temporarily new/onboarding employee

Is Active Directory integration in Outsystems method is one-way AD->OS user synchronization?

Does it automatically create user and group from AD to Outsystems table?

If SSO was involved, usually login page will be redirected automatically to SSO unified login page, right?

How can we incorporate login page for public and new/onboarding employee as well with SSO?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Harlin,

- Yes, sincronizarion is only one way. But since sincronizarion also affects active users I'm not 100% sure of what it does on local users it does not find in the AD.

- It automatically creates users in the user table. Groups are not.

- Yes, with Active Directory users are redirected to the SSO page and at that point they can no longer cancel it or use internal authentication (since the page requires a valid Windows Authentication). The redirect logic is made in the Logic page preparation, so you can customize it and decide when it should do the redirect. 


João Rosado


Thanks João, your answers clear up a lot of my questions.

So I can customize whether or not to redirect to SSO login page in the Login page preparation right? 

I will look into that... 

I also have test ldap authentication in Outsystems, I can login using both ldap credentials and internal Outsystems users. 

I just don't know which is prioritized/processed first.