how to Dynamically assign user?


I am trying to develop an business process application where I have to dynamically assign the user for his approval.

I have an example here when Finance manager believes it to be within budget and acceptable they pass it on to Legal manager for review. Depending on the type of contract, it may route to a different legal team and the process ends.

Can anyone please help me with this?


Hi Pratima,

You should define Groups in user management (using the Users eSpace), then based on the decision of the manager assign the task to one of the Groups (using the ActivitySetGroup action in the On Ready action of the Human Activity).


Hi Pratima,

When designing a process in OutSystems you can assign an activity to a specific user or users by using the "Human Activity" Node (User property and Roles). 

I invite you to check the official documentation for better understanding.


António Pereira

Thanks a lot.Issue got resolved.

How about if I want to assign to more than 1 user but not a group.

The reviewer/approvers are based on the condition on the form.