[BPT Utils] Any reported problem with this component?

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Published on 2018-10-10 by Messias Peralta
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Published on 2018-10-10 by Messias Peralta


OS suport requested the installation of this component in order to analyze a problem with our LifeTime publications. We fear, because we have a factory with some size and it is normal that several publications occur simultaneously between different teams and environments, that the execution of this component can interfere with other passages that do not have suspended or error process. Can you ensure that none of this will happen or do we need do have some caution...
Thank you in advance for your attention.

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Hi Cátia,

If OS Support requested the installation, you'd better contact them directly with this question.

Hi Kilian,

Please do not misunderstand me, but if I wanted to receive this information from the support side I would have questioned the support, but that is not my intention. I intend to get this information from outside users in order to have a more reliable source, so to speak directly from the source. 

In any case, in a way I'm questioning the support because one of the developers of the component is part of the support team.

BPT processes are a bit "sensitive"...  What kind of problem are you facing?

Are there any changes to one or more of your processes? Did you go through Impact Analysis?

Do you have to suspend instances?

Hi João,

Sometimes we have around 100 active processes with error... in the last OS Support analysis they detected syncronization errors, db deadlocks. I only want to receive some report of this component to avoid more bad beaviours from LifeTime, because we will be installing this in the Production environment and we can't stop LifeTime publications ... in the past we have already had bad experiences with other components and would not like to repeat the experience (Half day with 12 teams standing by because the development environment has stopped).

Hi Cátia,

I believe that I'm not the one you want to hear feedback from since I'm one of the creators. However, please allow me to state my 2 cents.

Let me start by saying that you're right: both me and Diogo belong the OutSystems Support team. We fully understand your concern, as it is also a big concern for us (as OutSystems enthusiasts and as Support Engineers): the integrity of your environments, especially the Production one.

This tool offers different features: extract information regarding BPT Processes and terminate in bulk process instances. 

In a scenario where you have a lot of instances in error state, you may want to stop them in order to start a new one and troubleshoot that specific instance - avoiding the noise of having dozens or hundreds of faulty instances. These multiple faulty instances and the respective retries can also affect the performance of the environment and affect the success of subsequent instances of that same process. 

The tool uses OutSystems platform API's to achieve that end goal, which is a use case that Service Center doesn't allow - in Service Center you can only terminate an instance at a time.

Of course that terminating a single instance (or several in bulk) can be dangerous and the tool needs to be used with caution, therefore I totally understand your question. It all depends on the process logic, which is unknown for an end-user when we are talking about a system application such as Lifetime.

As such, like you stated in your very first post, I encourage the community users that have already used this component to share their experience.


Regarding the usage of this component in Lifetime, from my personal experience, that is typically requested for Synchronization (related) instances and never for Staging ones - there are different processes that manage both these Lifetime features. Moreover, we do recommend this to be used on a timeframe where no other actions (e.g. a staging) are running in Lifetime.

Hi Cátia,

Since a couple of months, for deleting old closed Processes, I use regularly the BPT Utils on a Lifetime that is managing 5 environments with over 60 applications.

We've started using it also because we had some rare sync issues with the Lifetime BPT's, and once we deleted all active instances w/ errors the problem stopped.

The above actions were/are done outside business hours and I never experienced a single issue. 

But until your problem is solved, maybe you should evaluate using Solutions to push the code and not Lifetime.



Hi Messias,

Thank you for describing the process of operating the component. And it is not a matter of wanting or not knowing the opinion of the support or from the developers of the tool, is that sometimes we users find situations that we do not always pass to your knowledge, we often act in the immediate to solve the situations. That's all :) (Don't put me on the black list, the image you (OS Suport) have from me is already black enough with so many support cases).

Hello Miguel,

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Just to question a particular situation, have you ever run the component with different passages going on and it only acted on the processes in error, not causing any problems in the other passage (this is our main concern). As for your suggestion to publish by solutions ... it is not easy (300 applications, about 60 developers and 12 teams) :\ BIG FACTORY ;)

Best regards and thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge,


The purge's we've performed were always done in controlled situations, without deploys happening at the same time.


Sorry for the delay, thanks Miguel for you report. We are using this tool in our factory and it works fine, no problems found. We use it with ongoing deploys and terminate active processes with errors does not interrupt any deploys (we have 5 environments). Sometimes LifeTime deploys are stuck and terminating the active process with errors are the way to solve it. Just to leave a review of our experience :)

Best Regards