[App Feedback Connector] Which feedback?

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Published on 14 Feb by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 14 Feb by Johan den Ouden


Just wanted to know for which feedback this is a connector? ECT?

If so, what are the difference, or more advantage, between these?

Kind regards,

Hi Evert.

Yes, this is a connector for ECT, although that's its old-fashioned name :)

ECT was renamed to App Feedback recently (I think the rename took place in v10). So it's the same thing, but it actually has more features. Now you can submit feedback in mobile apps.

Hello Leonardo,

Thanks for the quick reply!

Might gonne take a look at it (were using it with Jira, but the Jira connector we use now is little bit 'heavy' for what we do with is (simple send ECT to Jira).

Thanks for the clearification.

Kind regards,