Insert a List Values inside a Table Records.. please help

I'm new in Outsystems, can you please help?
I Have a Table Record with several values, and I want to insert in a column of that table a list of values that depends of the Id of each record, But I can't insert a list values inside a table Record, How can I do something like this ?

Hi Rui,

Welcome to OutSystems!

OutSystems does not yet support table records inside table records.

You can walk around this by adding a new column to your eSpace that has an expression populated by a user function that returns whatever you need. For your particular case this user function could have an input parameter typed as the id of your record.
Hi Mário,
thanks for the Tip, it works, but I'm having a small problem showing the result.
I want something like this :
.Value A
.Value B
.Value C

But I'm having this:
.Value_A Value_B Value_C

I already tried with <br / > and with < p > but those tags appeared.

Any suggestions?

Hi Rui,

Please check that your expression's Escape Content is set to No.

You may find more information here:
Hi Mário,


I would like to have a list of files of a particular record listed in a column of a list records.

I have created a user function that gets all files of a record and adds all its names in a string which is the output of the function. After that I used an expression to show all the file names.

So far so good if I just wanted to show the name of the files, however I want to be able to click on them and download them and have also the possibility of check them and delete them. I had my function returning a List of records but it did not work in my expression as it only accepts Text.

Any help on this subject? I dont know if I made my self clear so I attached a screenshot of what I have so far.

Thanks in advance.
Well, two ideas come to mind:

1 - Generate an unescaped expression with links (writing them by hand...)


2 - Creating a Webblock that will create the list of files, checkboxes and buttons, and use the Webblock in that column.

Hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

actually the 2nd idea works very nice.

One quick question, is the download tool the only way to have the files to be downloaded?

Thanks once more for  your support.

Hi Pedro,

Answering your question: Yes, it's the only way.
Do you have any issue with this widget? (Widget Download) 

Rafael Pereira
Thanks Rafael,

so far so good in that tool.

Kind Regards.