[EndUser Authentication] LDAP Relevant LDIF Fields?

I'm trying to configure ldap authentication for End User.

LDAP Server: ldap.forumsys.com/dc=example,dc=com  (public ldap for testing purpose)

I log on as uid=einstein,dc=example,dc=com with password: password.

It successfully authenticated, but failed synchronization with error:

Please check if your LDAP URL has all the relevant LDIF fields. Expected authority at index 7: LDAP://

I have 2 question:

1. where can I get all relevant LDIF fields? am i missing authority field based on error message?

2. how can I log in directly using tesla, without all the uid=einstein,dc=example,dc=com

Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

What kind of LDAP server are you trying to connect? Right now, for end-user authentication, we only support LDAP connections made to Active Directory (AD), although it's in our backlog to add support to other kinds of LDAP servers, like OpenLDAP.

Kind regards,

Pedro Guimarães

I'm using OpenLDAP.

If I am about to match LDIF fields, would it works eventually?


Hi Harlin,

If I understood you, you are asking if copying the structure and fields used by AD to your OpenLDAP server would work, right?

If so, I think it may work, but I'm not sure.

Hope this helps.


Pedro Guimarães

Yes, that's what I meant... 

If that was not possible, then I might have to sync manually in Login flow after authenticated (DoLogin), using LDAP component to query my ldap server, then update the Users table using queried data.

And also mapping LDAP OU (group) to Outsystems group.

Hi Harlin,

We too are using Sun LDAP - based on OpenLDAP.

We tried to sync data - query the LDAP server using LDAP extension.

But, we are not getting any data back. Were you able to successfully get the data from your OpenLDAP server?

I haven't tried it yet...