Beginner Help! - To Do App


I am very new here. I am into the course "Developing Outsystems Mobile Apps" and making the famous "To do App".

Now, when i try to create a to do, I have a big red error:

Can anyone please help me?



You are getting a SQL Exception stating that you are trying to insert a value that conflicts with a foreign key constraint.

Probably you are trying to insert a new "Category" with an existing ID. I would bet some how you are creating a new category, using an existing id.

My advice is to follow carefully the flow, making sure you are doing what you need.

Hope this simple hints help. If not, take a screen shot of your flow so we can take a look.



I am learning on my own, so I need to be more carefull next time.

I just restarted some previous exercices so I can understand better what I need to know.

I appreciate your help.