[Dropbox Connector] Not able to list all files via dropbox connector

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Published on 29 Jan by João Melo
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Published on 29 Jan by João Melo

hi, I downloaded dropbox connector from the forge and was trying to list all the files in a folder. one of my dropbox folders has more than 20,000 files (photos) when I tried to use the server function "dropbox\folder_listfolder" funciton, it can only return the first 2000 entries.

The dropbox function itself says that its result structure's "hasmore" flag will indicate the list might have more to come and we shall use "listfolder/continue" function to call. unfortunately, I do not see such a function available. did I miss anything? thank you for your answer in advance!

Hi Jorey,

Unfortunately, with the connector version upgrade, we only mapped the current exposed methods and, as Dropbox changed the way this fetch works, we lost the ability to retrieve this information.

As a workaround for the moment you can edit the current connector and add the dropbox\folder_listfolder method from their v2 api. This is a supported component so feel free to contact our support for help.

In the meantime I'll add a task to our backlog for us to add that method.
Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for the warning.


Thanks Francisco. Looking forward to your updated version released on forge.