Displaying records on multiple pages

Hello I'm fairly new to outsystems still but i'm working on an application for a sport club.

At the moment I'm working on my presentation screen, this will be displayed on a big screen with a beamer and it's supposed to work automatic (I'm using an ajax refresh for this). Now for my question for this screen. Since i'll have multiple contestants and not everything will fit on one screen, is it possible to show like 8 record on every page and every time my page refreshes it will move on to the next 8 records? Also if all records have been showed it should start with the first record again. 

Any help would be appreciated!



Hi Nick,

In the Forge you can find various components that allow you to refresh the screen or parts of the screen, e.g. Auto Refresh Utils. Showing 8 consecutive records of a set of records is as simple as having a local variable that increases with 8 on each refresh (with a wrap around), and using that as Start Index for your Table Records or other widget you use.