Multiple Currencies in one espace

Hi All,

is there way to use multi-currency values (like personal incomes for people from different countries) and stay with standard Currency data type?

If not - then is there some addons in Forge which solve this task? I can imagine that hundreds of developers asked same question...



Hi Yuri,

The standard Currency data type is afaik really just a Decimal. Are you running into problems using the Currency type for currencies from different countries?


I'm actually looking for ability to put two persons in a RecordList and being able to show salary for one of them in EUR and for another in USD.

I admit that I can create Currency static entity and CurrencyId property in Person entity  and a widget which shows formatted Decimal with propper currency symbol to the right of it in the RecordList etc...

But this is going to be a very often, trivial repetitive task. Does the platform or Forge provide smth for this?

I'm asking just not to reinvent the wheel...

Hi Yuri,

 As Killian mentioned,  currency data type is just decimal and if you need to add the currency symbol  while showing in the list based on your person's currency id.  I believe this is not a big task and not sure any component available in forge. 


Sivaramakrishna Repalle

Hi iSivaramakrishna,

Thanks, it's all clear now.

Yes, it's not big task indeed, - as most things in Outsystems, actually. Still, there are many widgets in Forge... :)